Come Grab A Plate

Grab a plate & get a helping of hot takes with a side of problematic rants & wash it down with our UNPOPULAR OPINIONS! We go over the latest in sports, music, movies and entertainment. Nostalgia is always crippling to most come grab a plate and with us.

Episode 55: Not On My Album

This week we celebrate Mothers Day, Talk about new releases from Cole and album predictions, we break down DJ Khaled’s new album, Jay-Z vs Nas on Sorry Not Sorry debate, we predict new projects from Drake and Kendrick, we talk Floyd vs Logan Paul and the circus surrounding the fight, Russ updates us on his journey watching Snowfall, we revisit what a great year in music 2011 was and MORE! only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast. 

Episode 54: The 2.0 GPA

This week we go all the way in talking about Mortal Kombat with praise and slander, Falcon & Winter Soldier finale, the best sports movies debate, Coach Carter narrative, Snowfall entering the best show convo, Cordae’s new 4 pack and glow up leaving YBN, Morray bandwagon is here before the album drops, the lakers update, MVP talk, nostalgia topics and MORE!

Episode 53: Push The Agenda

This week we celebrate Nas and KD on their business venture getting them each $100 million, we talk Usher Bucks controversy, Travis Scott slander, Young Thug’s new album, the latest Falcon & The Winter Soldier episode, we deep dive the importance of likeability vs talent in music game conversation. Jake Paul’s latest win on Triller, Steph Curry going crazy this week on the court. Steve Urkle is selling weed now, the anniversary of Lil Wayne’s song A Milli and its impact and much More! only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast! grab a plate.

Episode 52: Your Name Is Larry!

This week we pay tribute and celebrate the life of the great DMX! we talk most successful rapper/singer turned actor debate, we talk episode 4 of Falcon and Winter Soldier, prediction for the new trailers, Power Puff Girls reboot, The Chi season 4, is it over for Miguel, Cam’ron drink champs interview, Isley brothers Verzuz breakdown, NBA top 25 under 25 list., SWV Verzuz Xscape predictions and MORE! only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast, grab a plate!

Episode 51: Easter Egg

This week we talk about the new Space Jam movie trailer, Godzilla vs King Kong movie, best and worst NBA actors, Easter Sunday, Earth Wind and Fire Verzuz Isley Brothers, Falcon and the Winter Soldier recap, Atlanta season 3 coming, KD vs Michael Rapaport, Paul Pierce goin crazy on IG Live, we give DMX his flowers and so much more. Only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast, grab a plate!

Episode 50: We Want Violence

This week we celebrate our 50th episode and don’t hold back on a variety of topics, Saweetie having PTSD, Rod wave new album, Lebron injury, The Falcon & The Winter Soldier (spoilers) The Chi season 4 coming, Suicide Squad Trailer, does Pete Davidson have white privilege and MUCH MORE! only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast, grab a plate!

Episode 49: The Stimmy

This week we break down the new releases of Justice League (The Snyder Cut) Marvel’s Falcon & The Winter Soldier, of course we talk about Quavo & Saweetie, relationship guru Derrick Jaxn scandal, the Stimulus check hitting, we discuss and find out whatever happened to Brandon T Jackson & MORE! only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast, grab a plate!

Episode 48: Money Bagg Joe

This week we talk about Kirk Franklin dispute with his son, the stimulus checks coming, Stacey Dash wants back into the black community, Megahn Markel controversy, Lena Waithe new record label with Def Jam, Timbaland & Swizz Beatz Verzuz new deal with Triller, Damson Idris praise, who had the best verse on Drake’s song Forever and MUCH MORE! only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast, grab a plate.

Episode 47: All American

This week we talk about The Coming 2 America, Drake dropping a 3 pack with Scary Hours 2, Gen Z trying to cancel Eminem and fails miserably, Bruno Mars & Anderson Paak new single surrounded by cultural appropriation, Lil Baby, NBA All Star Weekend and MORE! only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast.

Episode 46: I Know Them Type Of Hugs

This week we talk about, TV we watched this week such as the Billie Holiday movie, Young Rock, Wandavision, we also discuss top biopics of all time and why New Edition may be the greatest, fave biopic movie quotes, Lebron new documentary series, Cassanova getting no prison visits, best songs to do at karaoke and MUCH MORE, only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast! grab a plate.

Episode 45: Back Like Jordan

This week we are back from our Valentines day hiatus discussing everything that popped off this past week from Wandavision, Meek Mill controversy, B. Simone, Judas And The Black Messiah movie and soundtrack review, Da Baby freestyle, Lebron dropping compilation album? Mortal Kombat trailer, Happy Gilmore 25th anniversary, Fantastic Four news, Floyd Mayweather praise and hairline slander, nostalgia and MUCH MORE! ONLY on the Sunday Dinner Podcast, grab a plate!

Episode 44: Up and It’s Stuck

This week we touch on a few movies a little bit between One Night In Miami & Malcom and Marie. From there we revisit this great actor debate the internet is having between Denzel & his son John David. Cardi B’s New song, Nelly beefing with the St. Lunatics? we deep dive on the show The Boys and Wandavision, nostalgia topics, The Super Bowl and MUCH MORE!!! only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast! grab a plate.

Episode 43: Grits and Cereal

This week we take a deep dive on the beef we think is brewing between Denzel Washington and his son John David plus where it stemmed from, top 5 cereal debate, the T.I and Tiny scandal, Wandavision episode 4 and predictions moving forward and much more only on the Sunday Dinner podcast grab a plate. RIP Larry King and Cecily Tyson.

Episode 42: One Year Anniversary

For our one year anniversary we thank the fans and reflect on our first year of podcasting, we talk Ashanti vs Keyshia Cole, we give our takes for Usher vs Justin Timberlake if they were to battle. we recap WandaVision and other marvel predictions coming up, Rick Ross controversy, Dani Leigh, Jim Carrey vs Adam Sandler and MORE! only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast, grab a plate.

Episode 41: Originality

This week we are back to discuss the big moves in the NBA with James harden and Kyrie Irving, we Talk Lori Harvey & Michael B Jordan getting together, Lifetime movie biopics, Space Jam & Mortal Kombat reboots, artists we didn’t believe in at first but were won over and much more! only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast, grab a plate.

Episode 40: Internet Going Nuts

This week we are back for the new year of podding to discuss the the craziness that has already jumped off, from Brandon going viral again, to the chaos in the Capital building, to Trump being banned on every platform, we talk NBA, a famous rich celebrity that caught amnesia, Coach Carter, Keyshia Cole and Ashanti Verzuz getting canceled and MORE! only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast, grab a plate.

Episode 39: 2020 Wrap Up

This week in our final episode of 2020 We do our best of the year wrap up. That includes best hip hop albums, best movies best tv shows, highlights, tragedies, Covid, sports, our favorite people we slander and MORE! Only on the Sunday Dinner podcast, grab a plate!

Episode 38: Gaslighting

This week, we talk about Brandon’s new favorite word “gaslighting” favorite non traditional and traditional Christmas movies, Kyrie and Kevin Durant looking great together going into the NBA season, Tyler Perry is single and ready to mingle, Floyd vs Logan Paul, new super powers for black people only? how long 2020 was to us and MORE! grab a plate 

Episode 37: Mandela Effect

This week, we talk Verzuz being canceled but we make up a special Verzuz of our own. NBA Jumping off with the season, new contracts, Disney Plus & Marvel announcements, the Mandela Effect and we talk why Cardi had a sold out arena tour off one album and MORE! grab a plate y’all.

Episode 36: Courage VS Foolish

This week we recap on a few topics we missed last week, and what’s going on now such as Verzuz between Ashanti & Keyshia Cole, NBA season. HBO Max deal with Warner bros, Lil Baby celebrating his birthday all week and MORE!! only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast, grab a plate!!!

Episode 35: Quality

This episode we got our plates super full with breaking down the Jeezy vs Gucci Mane, Their fanbase, Fresh Prince Reunion, S’mores are overrated, Pizza Parties vs Root beer float parties, The NBA Draft, NBA Trades and much more! Only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast.

Episode 34: Verzuz, Verzuz, Verzuz

This week we talk about all the Verzuz that’s been going down, Jeezy vs Gucci, Kevin Hart’s new special predictions, Chris Paul Verzuz Rondo who should retire first, anniversary of The Black Album and Friday Night Lights mixtapes review, the Vhs hustle, Drake new album Verzuz Views prediction and MUCH MORE! only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast, grab a plate!

Episode 33: Gotta Recoup

This episode we talk the wild week of the election and its results, how the nation may move forward. how Smart Guy got canceled, is Jermaine Dupri a fraud as a producer? Greek Freak heading to Miami Heat? Deontae Wilder’s conspiracy theory 6 months later. who’s gives the shadiest contracts between P. Diddy, Sure Knight and Birdman and MUCH MORE! only on the Sunday dinner podcast…. GRAB A PLATE!

Episode 32: Bad Dude

This week we talk about rapper & NBA comparisons, Jeezy vs T.I Verzuz battle, top 3 go to movies as a child, Halloween Costume awards this year, Big Sean new song, is Lizzo a plant? NFL convo and MORE!!! Only on the #SundayDinnerPodcast🍽

Episode 31: How It Started, How It’s Going

This week we celebrate the 8 year anniversary of the classic Good Kid M.a.a.d City, our lives in 2012, we talk Drake and who will be his successor, Chance the rappers downfall, we revisit the classic Disney film Mighty Ducks 2 and much more! Grab a plate

Episode 30: Really Big Rings

This week for our return from hiatus we talk about the Riddley Weddings, Lakers Championship, Drakes Stimulus Package in question, Bill Burr on SNL, we revisit the classic film You Got Served and MORE!

Episode 29: Big Rich Town

This week we talk Dr. Umar Johnsons new ventures, Power book 2: Ghost, The Lakers The new series Sneaker Heads on Netflix, Tim Allen’s wild past and MORE!! only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast, Grab A Plate.

Episode 28: Kept The File

This week we are back, and we are very sports heavy! Russ gets off his rant on the LA Clippers getting knocked out the NBA Playoffs, Skip Bayless rant. Lebron’s son Bronny weed smoking scandal, Kanye’s recent twitter rant on ownership and MORE! only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast. Grab a plate!

Episode 27: Chadwick Forever

This episode we come with heavy hearts to celebrate the life of actor and inspiration to us all Chadwick Boseman, we talk about his career, impact favorite roles, movies, moments and more. Chadwick Forever!

Episode 26: Make Fetch Happen

This week we got our plates full talking about the latest feud between Monica & Master P, the newly announced Brandy & Monica Verzuz, NBA Draft with the Timberwolves potential pick. SZA frustrations with her label TDE, Megan Thee Stallion confirming Tory Lanez shot her and MUCH MORE! only on the Sunday dinner podcast, grab a plate!

Episode 25: Cultural Impact

This week we celebrate the birthdays of the late great Nipsey Hussle, Chief Keef turning 25, we also talk about Dame Lillard’s run, we also discuss favorite Fresh Prince episode, the growth of Plies and MORE! only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast. Grab a Plate!

Episode 24: My Favorite Year

This week we talk about our favorite year and our worst year of our adult lives, our predictions with the NBA bubble, movies we anticipated that let us down, the anniversary of Watch The Throne & More About Nothing, Meg & Cardi new collab and controversy, biggest “dirty macking” songs  and MORE! only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast

Episode 23: He’s Playing You Liyah

This episode grab a plate as we revisit Moesha and talk if it still held up, we talk about the upcoming Verzuz battles between 2chainz vs Rick Ross and special announcement of Mary J Blige vs Mariah Carey, We talk about Beyonce new Black is King original visuals, controversy and MORE! only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast! 

Episode 22: Hot Ones

This episode we talk my TV debut on Hot Ones The Game Show, Mike Tyson’s return to boxing vs Roy Jones Jr, DMX vs Snoop Dogg, J. Cole’s new music, Kanye West’s meltdown on twitter, the Chi and MUCH MORE! Only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast! Grab a plate

Episode 21: White Blasphemy

This episode we got our plates full talking about Megan Thee Stallion & Tory Lanez, DMX vs Snoop Dogg Verzuz battle, the movie Fatal Affair on Netflix, Kanye presidential run with Chance The rapper’s cosign and MUCH MORE. only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast, grab a plate!

Episode 20: Entangled

We’re back from our break we are coming out swinging (no pun intended) talking about The smiths, we also talk about the best and worst low budget movies, Drake & Pusha T beef and so much more! Only on Earth’s mightiest podcast only on #SundayDinnerPodcast! grab a plate!

Episode 19: Critique VS Canceled

Welcome back today we talk: The Warm Up, J. Cole beef, Spike Lee and more…

Episode 18: Bougie In Poverty

This episode we’re BACK IN THE STUDIO! high quality audio and talk about cancel culture and its latest victims, Beyonce’s acting slander, Drake’s albums get ranked by us, Marlon Wayans and Terrance J go at it, Nicki Minaj New Song, Dave Chappelle’s new special & MORE! only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast.

Episode 17: Missed The Mark

Fam, celebs been wildn and apologizing! We talk about it all. Grab a plate!…. the big one 🍽 only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast

Episode 16: Stay Out The Valley

Today we discuss every aspect of what’s been going on in our city of Minneapolis. grab a plate, you will get full because it’s ALOT! 🍽

Episode 15: The Last Dance

This episode we talk about the Michael Jordan doc and all the chaos and beef that spawned from this. We talk about the viral black sitcom ranking list, cancel culture at Lana Del Rey & Doja Cat & Joe Biden’s “you ain’t black” comments and what this means for the campaign. We discuss that and so much more! Grab a plate

Episode 14: Nelly VS Ludacris

This episode quarantine edition! We record from our respective homes over the phone and breakdown the Nelly vs Ludacris IG live #Verzuz battle we score it song for song as a group vote, we also talk about what movies & tv shows we binged this week and the Jordan documentary The Last Dance! Grab a plate and feast on this debate.

Episode 13: Outgrew It

This week in our Mothers Day episode we address people we’ve outgrown, things we’ve outgrown and if at our age have we outgrown Drake’s content, grab a plate and get full on this heavy dialogue.

Episode 12: Demon Time

We talk Drake’s new album, Beyoncé on the Savage remix, Lebron’s alleged cheating rumors and MUCH more! So grab a plate!

Episode 11: Air Force Ones

Grab a plate as we discuss who started Air Force One popularity, Asap Rock vs Nelly, The NFL drafts, The new wave of IG Live Battles being done by influencers, Drake vs Jay-Z and MORE! Only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast

Episode 10: #BlackAF

In this episode we are still in quarantine but providing great content talking about the new Netflix series #BlackAF, the controversial beef & viral video between YouTuber Spoken Reasons vs the cast of Wild N Out! IG Battle Dream IG battles that need to go down, New music from DaBaby, DVSN & MORE! Grab a plate

Episode 9: Mt Rushmore

In this episode we focus heavily on our experience and takes on the Netflix series Tiger King as as our mt Rushmore topics in music, cereal and video games In part 2 We tackle the Floyd Mayweather vs his daughter YaYa & NBA YoungBoy situation, Usher vs The Weeknd and we revisit some classic movies in our nostalgia segment, wishing you all a happy Easter Sunday. Grab a plate

Episode 8: Social Distancing

This episode we talk about ALL the results of quarantine and social distance such as Tick Tok, Push up challenges, Shot challenges and  extroverts vs introverts. we also tackle the new album from former introvert The Weeknd and MUCH MORE, only here on The Sunday Dinner Podcast! Grab a plate

Episode 7: Pandemic

In this episode we grab a plate and take on the BIGGEST helping of the COVID-19 Corona virus pandemic and all the effects its had on the world this week, we also talk about the new album from Jay Electronica and Jay-Z and MORE only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast! Grab a plate!

Episode 6: Slow News Week

In our funniest episode yet our plates are full as we talk Offset’s acting debut on the series NCIS, Spike Lee vs The Knicks, Flavor Flave kicked out of Public Enemy, Megan Thee Stallion’s label issues, Nicki Minaj’s husband arrested for failure to register as a sex offender Drake’s controversial lyric and MUCH MORE!!  only on the Sunday Dinner Podcast, grab a plate.

Episode 5: If It Ain’t Broke

On our plate this week we talk Drakes new music, we finally put an END to the Brandy vs Monica debate. we talk the future of Deontay Wilder, the internet roasting long time scammer Dr. Umar Johnson, the Candyman trailer and so much more. Only on the Sunday dinner podcast, tell a friend.

Episode 4: Half Smart Chicken Head

Grab a plate and get full on these topics, such as All Star weekend in Chicago, our predictions coming true about the Power finale and spin offs, Quentin Miller, new music, Antonio Brown back at it vs T.O, my upcoming national TV debut on Hot Ones and MORE! Only on Sunday dinner podcas, let us feast!

Episode 3: Twitter Fingers

This episode, the dinner boys are back to feast on a variety of topics such as Nicki Minaj vs Meek Mill, Oprah & Gayle, we also give our Power Finale predictions and so much more! grab a plate and join us to get an earful.