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Sunday Dinner Podcast Rating: 7

High level entertainment and nostalgia. Script and dialogue were trash but I got what I wanted. Jax and Raiden were huff, they created Cole Young for no damn reason.  The Arcana thing was dumb as hell. Need the sequel even though would better serve as a series.” – T Rus

“Raiden picked up where he left off in the past movies as a straight useless bum. Above all else rest in peace to the BIG GOAT Kung Lao and I can’t wait for the rest of the trilogy” – O Rid

“Fun great fan service, didn’t care about the writing! I’m here for the gore and the signature moves. Kung Lao deserved better, but it’s very re-watchable and fun to trash talk during it” – Brandon

Sunday Dinner Podcast Rating: 8.8

“Great series they definitely did a good job setting up what is to come in the MCU. There was some continuity tweaks needed, but I blame that on covid reshoots” – O Rid

“This is strictly just a set up for the mcu. I Don’t care how y’all feel about the finale, they did everything that was necessary and gave us a great show in the process… Falcon, work on them hands bruh. ” Brandon

“Great grounded series. Character development across this he board was sensational. Seeing the black experience of a super hero in today’s world was great. Sam Wilson showed me something and he will be a great CAP. Bucky journey was great to see. Give us the season 2 Feige!”T Russ

Cordae – Just Until…. (4 pack)

“A solid effort towards leaving YBN further in the dust, Cordae hits a stride towards his prime with this one” – Brandon

“Solid 4 pack, further shows he never needed the YBN crew. My dawg living his best life with his queen. Shout out him” T Russ

Continued to prove that he is here to make meaningful music and have longevity in this gameO. Rid

Fabolous “The Soul Tape” (Mixtape series)

With the 10 year anniversary of the original Soul Tape mixtape the guys decided to rank the trilogy from best to worst.

  1. The Soul Tape 2
  2. The Soul Tape
  3. The Soul Tape 3

Sunday Dinner Podcast Top 4 Under 25 (We couldn’t agree on the 5th)

  • Luka Doncic
  • Donovan Mitchell
  • Devin Booker
  • Jayson Tatum

(Honorable Mentions Ja Morant, (4PF Edwards) Anthony Edwards and Bam Adebayo)

Miguel – Art Dealer Chic Vol. 4(EP)

Sunday Dinner Podcast Rating: 1.3

“He could’ve kept this on the hard drive” – T Russ

“No stand out record, definitely could’ve put more effort into it or kept it” O Rid

“Miguel wonders why people love Frank Ocean more than him…. this is why. We’re never getting Kaleidoscope Dreams 2” Brandon

Rod Wave – Soulfly (Album)

Sunday Dinner Podcast Rating: 8.3

Solid project that did great job of showing his vocal ability and also being to translate his pain through the music”- Russ.

Very good album, extremely cohesive and polished from what he has given us in the past. Definitely has high replay value and hope he keeps doing his thing” – O. Rid

“Safe and in his range with little to no risks taken sonically but a quality dope project to vibe to at night time especially. favorite quote/bar “niggas pulled up and I’ll be outside/laid in the cut like peroxide””Brandon

Sunday Dinner Podcast Rating: 7.5

Overall good film, with the 4 hour run time the film and story seems more flushed out. Cyborg was the mvp of the movie and seeing them cover his entire origin basically was great. The way Batman gathered team seemed well explained without using much exposition. Snyder gotta relax with all the slo-motion, Martian manhunter showing up at  the end wanting to Join the team after watching them getting washed by steppenwolf all movie was trash . Batman was great in his Nick Fury role though cause his hands was trash all movie” – Russ

Snyder cut was a great showcase of better storytelling, fan service confirming what we all knew realistically that Superman is super-man and that Batman is useless in a cosmic threat. Steppenwolf an even weaker villain than before, Cyborg was pushed from the background to the forefront key component to the story in this dark gritty sci-fi drama. Far from a masterpiece and too long for much re-watchability but Snyder got his point across and vision.” – Brandon

Definitely better than the first theatrical drop, I though it was a way better showcase of everyones abilities or in Batman’s case lack there of. I thought it didn’t need to be four hours and if they were going to have parts they should have made it episodic, but overall good film too bad it was for nothing.” – O. Rid

Sunday Dinner Podcast Rating: 9.3

Amazing story, amazing acting and I thought it brought a entertaining realistic depiction of what was going on for the youth and those who just were oblivious to what was going on at that time from a perspective not traditionally told in history booksO. Rid

“Excellent film, the story was well done and well executed. Seeing the acting skills from Daniel Kaluuya and LaKeith Stanfield was sensational. I felt they did a great job of capturing all the amazing stuff Chairman Fred accomplished in such a short amount of time. I love films about our black revolutionaries that honor their legacies.” T Russ

Sunday Dinner Podcast Rating: 8.5

” Not much to say about this other then it was amazing and well needed. Seeing these 4 iconic figures being brought together on film was something I didn’t know I needed to see. From the casting down to the story this was just well executed from start to finish. The dynamic between Malcolm X and Sam Cooke was great.” T Russ

“Good film, surprisingly funny and it never came to mind that all these amazing figures could have actually been in the same place at the same time supporting each other. I also thought the conversation of civil responsibility vs personal advancement is one that still is being had today which brought great relatability” O. Rid

Sunday Dinner Podcast Rating: 8.3

“Man after getting past the first three episodes it is all good, Wanda is big GOAT out here in the MCU. I gotta give the show written and Elizabeth Olson their flowers because the way that this sees was structured that was a big task and they pulled it off” O. Rid

“Definitely something different for a Marvel project and unexpected. The show got off to a slow start but once we hit episode 4 it was flowing. Seeing the acting abilities from Elizabeth Olson was amazing. I do think all the online theories of the show did more to harm then help the project, but overall good series.” T Russ

Sunday Dinner Podcast Rating: 8.5

“Great depiction of how heroes would be in a realistic world.” T Russ

“Hilarious realistic depiction of heroism in todays society” O. Rid

Sunday Dinner Podcast Rating: 8.7

“Dope show definitely didn’t think I would like it but everyone did great and could see this going on a multiple season run” O. Rid

“The Tariq rebrand this show did is impressive, the Power writing still kinda weak but the entertainment is there so we good. Tasha still a terrible person.” T Russ

Sunday Dinner Podcast Rating: 6.8

“Cool show I am not too invested I laugh at it more than anything” O. Rid

“Solid show, but none of these kids look like high schoolers, Spencer gotta stop trying to be the hero of everyone when he ain’t even got his own stuff together.” T Russ

Sunday Dinner Podcast Rating: 4.6

“From the story to the casting to the acting performances this movie is awful. The multiple ending shit was not needed.” T Russ

“Man this was the male New Orleans version of Set It Off the acting very predictable and I didn’t like the whole double ending” O. Rid

Sunday Dinner Podcast: 8

“Cool show got kinda weird towards the end with some of the characters, I’d watch another season” O. Rid

“Honestly didn’t think I would like it but solid Netflix version of Degrassi, ended a bit weird but season 2 should be interesting. They definitely stole some sauce from Euphoria.” T Russ

Sunday Dinner Podcast: 9

“Dope documentary shout out to Haitian Jack dude is hilarious” O. Rid

“Great doc series that covered these figures influence on the HipHop we enjoy today. Learned a lot about people I was not familiar with.” T Russ

Sunday Dinner Podcast Rating: 7.6

“Great series about an elite scammer out here, need that part 2 expeditiously.” T Russ

“Glad I stumbled on this series he was a smooth dude I wish it was a longer season” O. Rid

Sunday Dinner Podcast Rating : 7.8

Good show, the character development has been great over the seasons definitely has continuity wholes but I’d recommend it” O. Rid

“Solid show with great characters with they own personal story, Lena Waithe need to never act on another episode going forward though.” T Russ

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